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There are several far-eastern suppliers who offer engine mounts for the Montecarlo and Scorpion.  Unfortunately, apart from their external dimensions many of them do not match several key criteria of the original Lancia part. and many of them have no or inadequate torque slots moulded in them.

The key function of an engine mount is to cushion the car's bodyshell from engine torque movements under acceleration and braking.  This means that the mount needs to function progressively as torque loads increase or decrease.  The two factors that affect the mount's ability to function correctly are the grade of rubber used and the dimensions of the slots moulded into the rubber.  The slots are there to cater for different loadings as the throttle is opened or closed, from a slow, gentle application to a fast 'pedal to the metal' action.

When we discovered a new, original, unused Lancia engine mount recently we took it to our rubber mouldings supplier.  They dismantled it, measured it and tested the type and grade of rubber that was used.  We have now had new inner and outer collars manufactured that are an exact match to the original collars.  Our supplier has matched the original rubber characteristics to a modern-day equivalent and created a new mould that includes those oh-so-important slots that help the mount adjust to different throttle openings so there's minimum bodyshell vibration and maximum progressive application of power to the drive train.

We think this project is an important one and we've invested a lot of money making sure we've got it right.  Our mounts may not be as cheap as some reproductions that don't actually meet the original specification, but at least with Monte Hospital mounts you'll be sure they work like Lancia intended.  

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