Rear Grille Panel, full width


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Lancia P/N: 82326661
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A replacement rear grille panel manufactured in fibreglass.  Created from a new mould modelled on an original, undamaged rear grille and supplied with all the mounting studs in the right places and reinforced to prevent them pulling out, as the originals were prone to do.  The original rear lamp units fit perfectly in their recesses with their mounting studs aligning accurately with the mounting holes provided in the new panel.  The louvred air outlets, which are prone to snapping now that the original plastic louvres are at least 40 years old, are formed in a rubberized material to give them much greater strength and flexibility.

We expect there to be a high demand for this item and we have more on order from our supplier, but customer orders will be processed strictly in order of receipt, so we suggest you act now to avoid the possibility of a delay in delivery.

NOTE- Tail light units and number plates shown in our pictures are NOT included with this part.



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